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About The Society for Materials Chemistry (SMC)

The Society for Materials Chemistry (SMC) was founded in 2007 after successfully conducting the 1st International Symposium on Materials Chemistry (ISMC 2006) at BARC, Mumbai, with Chemistry Division, BARC, as its headquarters. SMC is now a registered scientific body with more than 1000 life members. The Society provides a common platform to young researchers and active scientists in the area of Materials Chemistry by arranging biennial symposia and National workshops. The 6th Interdisciplinary Symposium on Materials Chemistry (ISMC 2016) was held at BARC, Mumbai during December 2016. The 7th symposium in this series (ISMC 2018) is now being co-organised by SMC with the financial support from BRNS. We do hope for further enrichment of strength and activities of SMC by arranging workshops, bringing out newsletters, bulletins, etc.